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Friday, May 1, 2020

Tips to Earn Money Online with Fiverr | Work from Home

Fiverr is a very good platform to earn money online sitting at home. Fiverr was launched 10 years ago in 2010, and now it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
Many people working online from home earning decent money from this platform. If you are skilled or have high expertise in something, then it is a great thing, but if you are unskilled or fresher, you can still earn very good money online through Fiverr.

10 years ago it was very expensive to hire freelancing service providers. If someone had to hire freelancers then the minimum budget was $50 or more, no matter how small the service is. Many small corporations that had to hire these services, but did not have that budget. On the other hand, people who were new to the sector were willing to provide these services cheaply, which had a large number but they don't have any platform.

Fiverr recognized this gap and opportunity, and launched such a platform in 2010, where both these types of people can join.

On this platform, the freshers with fewer skills, feel very competitive, but I will give you some tips and ideas from my researches and experiences so that freshers can also get a position in this competition.

Many freshers and people with average skills, joined this platform and earned very good money by selling their services online. If you are new too and want to join Fiverr with less skill and make online income sitting at home, then I am going to give you amazing ideas that do not require a lot of skills, just you need tools and a few days of training on that tools related to your work.

Tips for earning money online start here -

  • Content Writing for blog or Amazon affiliate products -

Content Writing for blog or Amazon affiliate products

There is already a lot of trend of Blogging, if you are fond of writing and know how to write articles, then that's good, but even if you don't know, you can write articles. You can take the help of Article Generator or Ezine Articles to write your articles. There are hundreds of articles related to a single topic in it.

Don't think of copy-paste, it won't work. Every blogger needs unique articles for their blog. So you can take the help of Article Rewriters, it will automatically replace many words of your copied articles with similar meaning words so that your content becomes unique. And with the help of a tool Plagiarism Checker, you will know how unique your article is. With the help of the Word Counter Tool, you will be able to know how many words your article has.

Amazon is a very big e-commerce site, there are millions of products and it is necessary to give information about the products to make sales. For this, relevant, unique, eye-catchy, attractive, admiring, complimenting, recommending content has to be written. If you know English, then it is a very good thing, if you don't, then you can take help of Goggle Translate, write about that product in Hindi, and it will translate it into English automatically.
And this way you can earn money online through Fiverr for writing content.

  • 2D Animation Explanatory Video - 

2D Animation Explanatory Video

To make people aware of any product, service, or business; providers pay to create a 2D animation video. If you are a professional animator, that's great, even if you're not, with the help of these tools with the handy drag and drop feature, you can create 2D animation videos very easily and earn money online -

  1. Powtoon
  2. Wideo
  3. Toonly
  4. Animaker
  5. Goanimate
  6. VideomakerFX
  7. Explaindio
  8. Rawshorts
  9. Animiz
  10. Biteable
  11. Renderforest

  • Create Logos - 

Create Logos

Whatever the business is, everyone needs a logo for their branding. With the help of the following sites, you can easily create logos and earn a good amount of money online:


  • Audio and Video Transcription - 

Audio and Video Transcription

For review or introduction or summary of any product or service, people write a script and have to act in audio or video form. This is one of the easiest things to do, you just have to unbox, review, make people know, praise, and recommend that product in front of the camera. That's it for earning money from home online.

  • Create a Commercial look Cover Banner Photo Design for Facebook Pages -

Create a Commercial look Cover Banner Photo Design for Facebook Pages

Now the era has become digital, people are becoming aware of it and every business is getting online. In such a situation, people with small scale business also want to come online, but numerous old people who do not know too much about the digital world and social sites. By this opportunity, you can earn money online by making a commercial cover photo for their business's Facebook page. Tools to create Facebook cover photos 

  • Design and edit CV resume, Cover letter, LinkedIn profile -

Design and edit CV resume, Cover letter, LinkedIn profile

Every job seekers need their resume, you can prepare a nice and attractive resume by these tools and earn money online:

  • Create a professional PowerPoint presentation - 

Create a professional PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint is the basic ADCA course of computer, it will be known to everyone. Large companies of construction, architect, and those with MBA jobs, always have to prepare a presentation using PowerPoint. Often, to avoid too much workload, they look for people online who would prepare their presentations for money.

  • Proofreading -


Proofreading is the process of reading written articles and checking for grammar errors like punctuation, spelling, etc. Using these online sites, you can find errors and make it error-free and you can earn money for that:

  • Create custom business brochures - 

Create custom business brochures

We all know that flyers and posters are made for promotion and advertisement of business and brochures are small books or magazines containing pictures and information about a product or service, for example- the menu of restaurants. Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert in designing skills. This job is easy, you just need a creative mindset, With the help of these online sites, you can make brochures very easily and money too -

  • Data Entry, Excel sheet, Copy-paste job, Typing job - 

Data Entry, Excel sheet, Copy-paste job, Typing job

The easiest job in the world, the basic work that everyone can do on a computer, even the students of the schools. You must have sharp typing skills.