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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Guide to teespring - Earn Money Online | Work from Home

Do you want to open an online shop in foreign and earn dollars without any investment like The United States or Europe, where users have high conversion rates? The conversion rate means the percentage of users who take the desired action, who are ready to buy something on the site easily and quickly. So today I am going to tell you about the part-time earning site named

The site is located in the California U.S.A. More than 5 million people worldwide are earning US dollars from this site without investing any money. Anyone can earn money online from their city, village, town, or area from their mobile or laptop sitting at their home.

This site allows you to open your online shop from anywhere around the world without spending money and can transfer your earned dollars to your bank account.

Don't get confused by an online shop used by me. It doesn't mean that you will have to manufacture and sell any product or you will have to purchase any product to sell.

How teespring works?

Many products are already available on this site. All you need to just modify or customize any product.

Let's take the example of a T-Shirt. There are many kinds of, but plain t-shirts are available for you, all you need to customize it.

Customization includes any kind of logo, design, changing colour, print, writing slogan, or something related to trending.

Your customized product will be added to your online shop registered by you.

That's all you need to do and all the work and process of sales like taking orders, shipping, delivering, return will be handled by teespring.

You will get your commission according to price whenever your customized product will get sales.

Steps to the journey of earning money with Teespring

Open teespring from your browser. For the first time, register yourself easily.
Click on "Create and Sell" after being sign up. Select the 3rd tab which is the "Designer" tab.
After that, beautifully name your store then click on "create store".

Whoa, welcome to your new store.

You must complete your profile information from the settings option available on the dashboard.
Since you are going to starting a business, all information provided by you should be valid and correct.

Leave the currency in "US Dollar" as it is. But don't worry, your earned dollars will be credited to your bank account in the currency of Indian rupees.
Click on "Update Info'.

On the top of the page, click on "Start Designing".

There are so many products to customize, like mobile cases, towels, men's apparel, women's apparel, ladies' purse, blanket, coffee mug, etc.

Choose your category, click on Start Designing, then click on "Sell".

You are good to go. Show your art and craft, let your imagination and creativity skills make money.

Start Designing -

You can add images, add text, create logos, change colour in your chosen product.

You can use an app "Logomaker" to create any logo.

In the "Create listing tab" create a relevant title of your chosen product and describe your product with a good description including your product's name.

Click on "Publish Listing".

Voila, your product will go live and ready for sale.

Whenever any customer buys your customized product, you will get a commission.

You will have to create a Paypal account and provide Paypal address in your profile so that you can credit your earned money through Paypal.

Good Luck
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